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2013 Extension IPM Summer Internship Program

2013 IPM Internship Application

The Extension IPM Summer Internship Program provides valuable internship experience to deserving agricultural students in the crop production and crop protection disciplines including IPM, Entomology, Soil and Crop Sciences, Horticulture, Plant Pathology and related disciplines. Students who have attained sophomore, junior or senior status are eligible to apply. Students are employed by Texas Cooperative Extension or Texas Pest Management Association and trained and supervised by professional Extension Agents-IPM.

Through the internship experience, students will receive the following training opportunities:

1) Opportunities to apply principles and concepts learned in college courses

2) Learn the roles and responsibilities of an Extension Agent-IPM

Opportunities to work with and provide quality assurance for other employees

4) Have responsibility for one or more specific field level demonstrations or experiments

5) Develop understanding of demonstration plot design and methods

6) Experience in recording and summarizing field data from demonstration plots

7) Training in field scouting techniques, pest and natural enemy identification and plant growth and development

8 ) Witness and experience communication with clientele groups

9) Experience in following instructions from an employer

10) Learn the art and science of assimilating biological data to form management suggestions

In addition to being paid an hourly wage, and subject to the availability of funding, interns receive a training stipend of $2,000 upon successful completion of the summer internship. Interns will be required to write monthly reports of progress and a final report on the internship. The length of the internship varies depending upon the area of the state in which the internship occurs. However, the internship does not begin until the end of the spring semester and ends prior to the start of the subsequent fall semester. You may be eligible to receive college credits for the internship depending upon your department’s regulations. Please see your undergraduate advisor or program leader or contact Dr. Charles Allen, Extension IPM Coordinator at (325)653-4576 or for more information.

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