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2013 Texas IPM Annual Report

Texas IPM 2013 Annual Report

2010 Hill/McLennan Cotton Production Principles

Marty Jungman EA­ – IPM Relevance This program provides crop producers with environmentally and economically sustainable options. Cotton producers in Hill and northern McLennan Counties are confronted with reduced income therefore creating a greater need for IPM practices.   Approximately ten thousand acres of cotton are planted in Hill and northern McLennan Counties.   Adoption of new technologies is vital for producers to maintain economic competitiveness. Hill/McLennan IPM Steering Committee sets the guidelines for the IPM Cotton Scouting Program, recommends result demonstration/applied research trials and educational meetings. IPM practices will… Read More →

Greenhouse Vegetable IPM

Relevance Although the US Greenhouse Hydroponic Vegetable Industry is relatively new in North America – most of its growth has been in the last 20 years – it now represents greater than 40% of the US retail market for fresh tomatoes.  Village Farms is one of the largest Hydroponic Greenhouse companies in North America.   In Texas, they have one research and three production greenhouses (122 acres under glass) near Marfa producing cucumbers and tomatoes. Village Farm’s Texas sales exceed $50,000,000 and they employ approximately 600 employees.  This makes… Read More →