Benefits of IPM

How has IPM benefitted Texas crop producers?
IPM has helped producers increase net profits while reducing pesticide use and reducing production risks. Following are examples of results of evaluations conducted:

A 1994 survey of 637 crop producers in 25 Texas counties showed the following:
* 58% decreased pesticide use by an average of 29%
* 46% increased yields
* 65% increased net profits
* $106 million increase in net profits statewide
* $340 million statewide economic impact annually

A 1996 evaluation of the pecan IPM program documented:
* insecticide use reduced 35%
* fungicide use reduced 30%
* increased pecan yields
* $6.06 million annual economic benefit to producers

2002 Rio Grande Valley vegetable IPM- A recent article in the American Entomologist documented that 10 years of IPM research and education resulted in the following:


  • 43% reduction in poundst of insecticide applied per acre
  • 73% reduction in environmental risks associated with insecticide use


  • 61% reduction in pounds of insecticides used per acre
  • 77% reduction in environmental risks associated with insecticide use

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